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This is my site Written by mhaye on September 23, 2010 – 12:53 pm

Dear XTF Community Members:

You’re invited to preview the new eXtensible Text Framework (XTF) website!

The California Digital Library, which developed and maintains XTF, has created this new site to make it easier for programmers, librarians, and the general public to learn more about and implement the open-source program.

What’s new about the XTF site:

  • Intuitive, fully searchable site design to help you find things quickly – with new URL.  (http://pub-xtfweb2-prd.cdlib.org)
  • Reformatted documentation, including deployment guide, programming guide, and tag reference. Each guide/ref is now a single page making it easier to find what you need (and to download or convert to PDF if you like.) (/documentation)
  • New video walkthroughs of the nine-part “Getting Started Tutorial,” focusing on basic setup and customization of XTF. (/getting-started-tutorials)
  • New FAQ section. (/faq)
  • Up-to-date list of XTF implementations, highlighting customized features. (/xtf)

XTF’s previous documentation wiki, hosted on SourceForge, will remain up for a month or so as we replace its pages with links to the new site. The Mercurial source code repository will stay on SourceForge, and release downloads will be made simultaneously on the new site and on SourceForge.

We are giving the XTF community a first look at our new site and want to hear from you! Please send your feedback to the xtf-user list. We’re happy for any comments – both positive and constructive critiques – on the site’s design, content, and our new user tools.  We will be announcing the site to the general public in about a week and would appreciate any feedback prior to that date.

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